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All adapters listed here will focus to infinity. Which makes them an even better bargain! The STF 135mm F/2. I have been comparing my Minolta MD 50mm f/2 with my Minolta 50mm f/1. 5s are some of the best lens bargains anytime, anywhere. Minolta 45mm F/2 Rokkor-X MD Mount Manual Focus Lens 49 JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Minolta A-mount lenses are easily identified by the AF-engraving.

And now, they minolta were the perfect match for my GFX50s! 8 EX+ Sigma 50mm f/2. 2 inches Item Weight 4. Cheap lens aficionado Mathieu Stern just released this 2-minute video review of the Minolta MD Rokkor-X 45mm f/2 lens.

8 lenses, the f/3. With less weight and size and sometimes identical performance 135/3. Minolta 45mm F/2 Rokkor-X MD Mount Manual Focus Lens 49 . Now, what has happened during the last 3 months is not something that neither I nor my wallet is proud of. The MC Rokkor X 40-80mm Gearbox lens was a tiny zoom lens with incredible image quality in a time when zooms were pretty terrible. 5 Celtic Manual Focus MD-Mount Prime Lens. Features: Mounts Minolta Rokkor (SR / MD / MC) minolta 45mm f 2 rokkor-x md mount manual focus lens SLR lenses to Sony Alpha A-Mount (and Minolta AF) Mount SLR Cameras High-tolerance precision craftsmanship; infinity focus or beyond allowed All-metal design; hardened anodized aluminum construction Premium grade Fotodiox adapter 24-Month Fotodiox Warranty Compatible CamerasSony Alpha A-Mount (and. It works really well for a manual focus lens and won&39;t break the bank.

Minolta MD Rokkor Mount to Fujifilm X Mount Adapter, Compatible. There are quite a few lenses from Minolta with a different mount which need different adapters. As the successor of a line of MC 85 mm f/1. The Minolta MD 45mm f/2 is a common slightly wide and fairly compact standard lens.

3 through their range. Review: Tamron Adaptall-2 135 mm f/2. This is cheap and common fifty of Minolta. This is an amazing Queen of portraits. So just as I had hoped, these old Minolta lenses were also over engineered to maintain high quality output! The fact is, when brand new, the Minolta MD lenses were likely as good or slightly better than the Rokkor-X lenses. Minolta have had a history of making some excellent 200mm lenses, and in September 1979 they enhanced upon this reputation with the release of the magnificent 200mm f/2. This listing features a mint and fully operational Minolta MD Rokkor-X 45mm f2 manual focus prime "pancake" slim wide minolta 45mm f 2 rokkor-x md mount manual focus lens angle lens showing almost no wear as pictured.

More Minolta 45mm F 2 Rokkor-x Md Mount Manual Focus Lens images. It is just plain fun to use and th. 2, the 85mm 1:2 and Varisoft 85mm 1:2. Build quality is excellent, few lenses surpass it.

8, the 300mm 1:4. 8 MD Tele Rokkor (Rokkor-X in USA market). 8 - very fast glass for it&39;s era, and still today. Minolta MC/MD Rokkor(-X)/MD 135mm f/3.

This one, the MC Rokkor X 85mm F/1. And at roughly -50, it’s one of the best values anywhere on the manual-focus market. The MD 85 mm f/2 without “Rokkor” designation was Minolta’s last manual focus 85 mm. Lenses with apertures opening f/2. New lens designs that came with MD II were the 45mm 1:2 almost-pancake budget standard lens, the 50mm 1:1. Minolta 45mm F/2 Rokkor-X MD Mount Manual Focus Lens 49 - UG. ) so I finally got out and used the two MD lenses I got in a thrift store for a photo-shoot.

Minolta made a total of four different 85mm manual focus lenses in their history. 8 or f/4, which means that the relative aperture will stay the same throughout the zoom range. The company also discontinued their legendary 58mm f/1. Comes with perfect glass inside out, blades clean and snappy, focus smooth and even. 8 Macro Multi-Coated Manual Focus Minolta MD Mount 3.

0 looked right after the release in the press: (Thanks for the material for keysersoeze from forum. Minolta made plenty of unusual lenses in their time. 8 Lens for MD Mount And Minolta MD ROKKOR-X 45mm 1:2. Here you can see how the review of Minolta MD 50mm 1:2. 7, was the first, the fastest, and possibly the finest of them all. See more videos for Minolta 45mm F 2 Rokkor-x Md Mount Manual Focus Lens. In 1977 it was updated to MD but there were no mechanical or optical changes done to it. 8 manual-focus lens in the early minolta 45mm f 2 rokkor-x md mount manual focus lens 1980s, a lens design, which later saw life as the A-mount Minolta AF Apo Tele 300mm f /2.

Here are three adapters that allow you to mount Minolta MD lenses to Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras including fullframe Sony a7 Series cameras. It&39;s optical design with four lenses in four groups is similar to Minolta&39;s legendary MD-I 135 mm f/2. What is the Minolta MC Rokkor X 85mm F/1. MD Tele Rokkor-X 135mm F3. 5 (Smooth Trans Focus) portrait lens used an apodization filter to create the creamiest bokeh the world had ever seen.

8 Wide Angle Prime Lens w/Hood & F2. Minolta also released three M-mount lenses in cooperation with Leica, the M-Rokkor 28mm 1:2. 5 with internal focussing, the 600mm 1:6.

Rokkor-X MD Mount Manual Focus Lens 55 7. 8, the tele lenses 200mm 1:2. It has floating elements and the front rotates when focus is changed. 8, and the 85mm f/2. 8, 40mm 1:mm 1:4.

Minolta 24mm F/2. 2, which while an excellent performer, has never achieved the popularity of the 58mm version. Make Offer - Minolta MD Mount 28mm minolta 45mm f 2 rokkor-x md mount manual focus lens 1:2. 8 W Rokkor-X MD Mount Manual Focus Lens 55 - UG. But sprinkle in to the mix 10-20 years of normal use, and the Rokkor-X lenses are likely alot closer to their original when-new performance than are the Minolta MD lenses, as a result of their superior construction. Minolta Telephoto Rokkor-X 135mm f3.

Here for sale I have a gem of a lens, the 45/2 Rokkor-X from Minolta in the 80s! Minolta 35mm F/2. As an exceptionally fast, remarkably sharp lens with a reasonably attractive bokeh. 7 lenses, the MD is significantly lighter and more compact. Minolta MD Rokkor 45mm 1:2. As was revealed not before, the Rokkor name was still used internally for prototypes of a never released SR-mount Minolta MD Apo Tele Rokkor 300mm f /2. Details about Minolta 45mm F/2 Rokkor-X MD Mount Manual Focus Lens 49 - UG.

com) old Amateur Photography Magazine: Minolta MD 50mm 1:2. The Rokkor 45mm f/2 pancake lens is my optical chambray shirt. 0, New-MD, MD III design) – overall conclusion. 8 G in 1985, a non-Rokkor auto-focus lens.

0 (or Minolta MD 135mm F/2. And the Minolta 3. Minolta made two optically different 2/28 lenses in SR-mount: The Minolta MC W. 4 (I own 2 of these: one PG and one plain MD) and got really impressed by the performance of the f/2. Minolta MD-Rokkor-X 45mm f/mm f/2. GFX50s – Rokkor MD 45mm f/2 at f/2 – No crop – vignette added. 5 Close Focus is a medium telephoto lens from the late seventies, belonging to Tamron&39;s versatile Adaptall-2 line.

The Minolta 50mm F/2 ROKKOR-X MD is an excellent standard focal length prime lens that can be easily adapted to work with many full-frame or APS-C cameras. Secondly – this lens is expensive enough and it is because the lens is rare and popular of collectors. Rokkor 1:2 f=28 mm was released in 1975.

Zoom lenses typically have a maximum relative aperture (minimum f-number) of f/2. Given the 135mm f/2 MD was introduced only late in the Minolta manual focus era, and was an expensive lens, there are not many available today. 8 Varisoft variable soft focus portrait lens. It is well made by today’s standards, but not as nice as some of md the older manual lenses, like the cheap feeling plastic aperture ring (most of the lens is still metal though).

0 MD II – vintage manual lens test and review This lens was produced only in one incarnation – MD II version. But going back further leads to some excellent Minolta MD Rokkor manual focus glass. The Rokkor 45mm f/2 is a lens that you can usually find for to 0 on. 2 viewed per hour. You can trace Sony’s roots directly back to Minolta Maxxum.

0 (or Minolta MD 50mm F/2. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. For contemporary Minolta shooters back in the day, it was the portrait lens to own on account of its impressive specs. 8 MD Tele Rokkor The 200mm f/2. I have been using the Minolta Rokkor 45mm 2. 5s are no exception. It has no analogs before and after, and this case is quite rare for Minolta because usually, we can see product lines of the lenses with identical focal distances and apertures, like MC -> MD-I -> MD-II, etc. The lens is from the time when they started making less expensive kit lenses.

Minolta Rokkor-x 45mm 1:2 Manual Focus Lens Visit the Minolta Store. Some completely new lenses were also introduced during this period, including the outstanding 200mm f/2. 5s get little respect. 5 A half-stop slower than the popular f/2.

I hear the 45mm is quite sharp and figured the size and weight would be better balanced for the NEX. High-end lenses will have a constant aperture, such as f/2. The price in 1982 from B&H Photo (a major New York photography store and discounter) was US6, almost three times the price of the f/2. But to be honest, it has a few problems, the first – is the weight.

I want to start by add a manual focus lens. 8 or wider are referred to as "fast" lenses. 0 manual lens for about a month now, so I thought I would share a few shots I took of it and how well I thought i. The corners are better and the center sharpness is indistinguishable For a lens this lightweight and this cheap, it is astounding! I just bought a Minolta 45mm f2 Rokkor-X and was wondering if I should have bought the 50mm 1. Minolta MD 135mm 1:2. 8 images I just received my second MD-NEX adapter (Rainbowimaging, very high quality!

8 version at US2. 5mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm bellows lenses. 0 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. 2 in favour of the new 50mm f/1. The Rokkor 45mm f/2 pancake lens rokkor-x is my optical chambray shirt.

The 45mm Minolta Rokkor lens is a gem in the rough. 5 Close Focus (03B) The Tamron 135 mm f/2. Minolta MD Manual Focus 45mm f2 Premium Pancake Prime Lens Rokkor-X! It’s not flashy, it’s not a work of art, and it’s certainly not pricey – but time and time again this lens delivers the sharpest, most reliable images of any piece of glass I have.

Minolta 45mm f 2 rokkor-x md mount manual focus lens

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