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Founded in and based in ShenZhen, China, EKEN is a pioneer in imaging technologies and services. Comprar en Banggood: Eken H9R - Câmera de ação 4K - Analise e reviews completo Vídeo Manual EKEN H9 ULTRA HD 4K (ACTION CÂMERA) - ANÁLISE + TESTE Testei! For Gearbest customers: If you&39;ve purchased the EKEN H9R 2 inch 4K WiFi Action Camera from us, but the user manual doesn&39;t solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 4K resolution with 30fps seems a nice new option many cameras such as SJ5000X, Firefly 6S and Git2 are not capable of (their max. 4 out of 5 stars 62 .

The H9 had some issues like the short battery runtime. Okay, I completely understand that they are new brand to the market, but the complete lack of customers support is inexcusable. There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use your product. · Answer: First, you need to remove the microSD card and connect it to the computer! In my opinion, it is much better than any SJCAM cameras that are way more expensive. EKEN H6s Action Camera. At least on a paper.

But my experience with Eken is one of the worst I have ever experienced. Document Includes User Manual User manual. To start recording, press the shutter button, if you reached the settings, also press the shutter to enter the sub menu. Mic in via USB & A/V out via USB are not available!

Burst Photo (3 pics) 4. Answer: First, you need to remove the microSD card and connect it to the computer! 7 K (2701 x 1524) – 15 fps (bit rate 49401 kbps) 3. 1080p (1920 xfps (bit rate 12756kbps) 5. EKEN H9R Action Camera 4K Ultra HD 1080p/60fps Mini Helmet Cam WiFi 2. Question: How to use SONY eken camera manual action camera as webcam? For example if you are watching 4K video from a high-end couple of thousands camera on a 1080p TV or monitor, guess what? Time-Lapse (which is a photo time-lapse where individual photos are taken) 5.

1x clip and bracket for mounting the camera on a 1/4″ screw 9. 1080p (1920 x 1080) – 60 fps (bit rate 23914 kbps) 4. Colors get quite weird and there is a lot of reddish flare. The EKEN H9 became a very popular model and the EKEN H8 may continue the success of EKEN. Storage: microSD – interestingly the manual states 16 or 32 GB cards, that was the case for the EKEN H9. Not only that it is fake, but the original battery proved to be significantly weaker compared to 900mAh. I sent 3 emails to Eken with from different accounts with different technical questions.

See full list on pevly. The weakest link of H9 when it comes to hardware components is without any doubt a battery. How to use Akaso ek7000 as webcam? Audio quality is in Xiaomi Yi range. The data I received from EKEN is pretty promising. Connectivity & Ports: Wifi is built in to connect with the EZ iCAM app (Android & iOS) It also offers a HDMI as well as an USB port.

Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. VR 180 Video (I have eken to do some research on this feature, it is only available within the Ez iCam App) 6. Each mode does different thing. EKEN launched the H9R, the first Wi-Fi action camera with versatile mounts and accessories. This 4K underwater action cam is perfect for skiing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, cycling, golfing, running, or playing baseball. *UPDTAE* I&39;ve created a new tutorial + a free guide you guys can download. On the outside there is obvious similarity with Amkov 5000s and SJ4000boxes. Eken H9R Action Camera User Guide Manual PDF.

I also added them on Skype and asked similar questions, but never ever have I received a reply. . Resolution is okay for social. Similar to the EKEN H9, the EKEN H8 is also available as H8R including a remote control. 1x bicycle/handle/pole mount 7. Need a manual for your EKEN H6s Action Camera?

Lens: The EKEN H8 has a 170° lens. Seeing how consistent and weak the 1050 mAh battery is, I inserted 900mah battery from SJCAM, as they are the same size. 720p (1280 x 720) – 120 fps (bit rate 27521 kbps) 6. For Gearbest customers: If you&39;ve purchased EKEN H9R action camera from us and still have problem after using the firmware, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. H9 can shoot videos in these resolutions, fps and bit rates. User manual instruction guide for Video Doorbell VIDEODOORBELL EKEN GROUP LIMITED.

Even though their names are pretty self-explanatory, because lots of newbies probably eken camera manual read this, I will go through each of them and try to explain how it works. EKEN is a high-tech company specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative products such as Action Cameras. 1x spare (sound-enabling, non-waterproof) case back door 8. Camera does not support external microphone either, so for professional sound recording, you will need to buy both microphone and sound recorder that supports it.

720p (1280 x 720) – 60 fps (bit rate 15562. How much does Eken camera cost? It is perfectly sized, both portable and mountable. There will be little or no difference at all. Use the Video doorbell in the environment with the temperature between -10℃ and 50℃, Use careful with the earphone maybe possible excessive.

I tested out battery performance few times, and here is the average recording time I managed to get, with screen saver being turned on, WiFi off and other settings left on default. Update I found really good deal on Eken H9 (branded version, newer than the one I reviewed in this article). This user manual will help you learn the basics of capturing life’s most incredible moments! The two buttons make it easier, but the GoPro also has one button so I guess the H8 sticked with the one button design to match GoPro accessory. Amazon (official EKEN store) – recommended by EKEN to get original camera! I put it to every test to find out if it is really worth it.

What is the best camera for Amazon? · The Ez Pano app allows you to see entire surroundings on your smartphone in real time. Original EKEN V7 HD 1080P Smart WiFi Video Doorbell Camera Intercom Night vision IR Door Bell Wireless Security Camera For more details, please visit our web. 1080p – 30fps There are no options to select PAL mode which will give you 25fps (and a multiple of that) and currently no option for 720p. This is where its obvious that lens is not the best one.

Eken H9 can work in 5 different operating modes. The body of the EKEN H9 is the same size as the SJCAM SJ4000, so you can use their accessories as well. Its not because they do not know Englis. · EKEN H6s has the same size & button layout as EKEN H8 series and GoPro Hero 4 cameras. Even though photos are only 4 megapixels, they look quite sharp in distance.

Tutorial on how to use this camera. Even though you can get support from retailer from China as well, I always go with manufacturer directly, just to test the waters and see how they threat their customers. You can also use the app to control EKEN Pano S1/S2 remotely, view your 360°photos and videos and share favorites from your smartphone.

click the link to watch the updated version: htt. See full list on elproducente. But you can hear a person talking in front of a camera quite clearly. - Eken H9R Action cam: h. 1920 x 1080p 30 fps – around 83 min Another keyword is inconsistent. A very basic low light comparison:. Shoot like a pro!

I still have to get some more information on this camera and will update this posts as so. Image Sensor: The OmniVision OV4689 is a native 4MP sensor. I hope I can test the camera soon to reveal these issues.

With 4K video capture and electronic image stabilisation to go with it, does the Eken H6s cut it as a good budget action camera? In this article, we compare the specs. The EKEN outdoor security camera built-in 6000mAh rechargeable battery, it does not need a power cord and provide non-stop power with a solar panel. Battery is compatible with 900mAh SJCAM batteries, which leads to a conclusion that 1050mAh advertised is faked. Chipset: The camera uses a Sunplus 6350chipset, same manufacturer as in the EKEN H9 Frame Rates: 1. In theory the higher resolution the better the video clarity is. The layout on the left side looks a bit different, but the ports are the same: micro HDMI, microUSB and microSD card slot.

Colors depend a lot on the light condition and position of the camera. Because battery life is so poor that you will probably need few spare batteries and replace original one. It&39;s the action cam for the sports fan or anyone who wants to record stunning. Considering the price of the camera, I found sound quality acceptable. Campark ACT74 4k Action Camera User Manual The Campark ACT74 action camera is perfect for skiing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, cycling, golfing, running, or playing baseball.

The menu is a bit different as the EKEN H8 navigates with one button. Besides the Mode/Power and Shutter/Select button, there is only a wifi button. Wireless security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your home and spot potential trouble. During a firework display I set up an EKEN H8, H9, YI 4K Action Camera, Yi Action Camera (CN & Int. As you might have noticed, camera uses the same, OV4689 image sensor as three times more expensive SJ4000+ and M10+ cameras, but has different, quite unknown Sunplus 6630processing chip, on which there is not much info available.

Read more detail about EKEN H9R Action camera. 4 weeks later and I still have not received a reply from them. Equipped with an action camera tripod, waterproof camera case, mount accessories, and a wireless remote. Unboxing / Review H9R Ek. .

Getting Started Turn camera ON and repeatedly press the Power/Mode Button to cycle through camera modes. Video (default) 2. 1080p – 60/30 fps That’s quite a surprise: Whereas most other cameras such as Firefly 6S, SJ5000X Elite, SJ8000 and Git2 offer 4K at 24fps max, the EKEN H8 tops them with 30fps. The EKEN H8 has a different layout similar to the GoPro to make it compatible with GoPro accessories. Box looks quite cheaply made, but its not like I was expecting much for .

Firmware file change log. 2880xDegree Panoramic Video / Live Streaming on Youtube & Facebook / 1" Screen. So you have to scroll through the modes using the Mode button. This means that if you intend to record concerts though, there is a possibility that music will be hard to hear, as mic is too sensitive for such recordings in my opinion. (Photos are upscaled to 12MP, hence sometimes 12MP camera is stated) That’s the same sensor used in the SJ4000+ by SJCAM. You have to switch on the camera’s eken camera manual wifi and then look on your phone for network ICAM-H8(R)followed by a series of numbers.

That is unbelievable. When facing a direct sunlight camera does eken camera manual not do that good job. EKEN H9 action cam is an ideal camera for traveling: when you are surfing, diving, snorkeling, biking or driving. The main modes consist of: 1. · Eken H9 specs.

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